November 01-03
6PM Dubai Time  | Streaming LIVE to the Comfort of Your Home!

 November 01-03, 6PM Dubai Time | Streaming LIVE to the Comfort of Your Home!




A special 3-day LIVE ONLINE training that would help you upgrade your Mind, Body and Spirit. 

A lot of people say it takes time to manifest but in reality you can manifest INSTANTLY.

And, the whole thing is how to get into ABSOLUTE ALIGNMENT.

This 3-Day challenge is designed for anyone wanting to enhance your Manifestation Potential by building and training your physical system and your energies so you can be in absolute alignment with the energies of your desired manifestations. Suitable FOR ALL, even if you have NEVER DONE YOGA BEFORE!  

Build a Stronger, Healthier and more Flexible Body and get rid of the Unwanted Energies that's Blocking your Manifestations. 


A lot of people, from a certain phase in their life, feel stuck - mentally, physically, energetically, emotionally...

Many a people try different physical practices to train their mind and body but most fail to get the full potential out of them.

And many go into the concept of Law of Attraction and Manifestation, but end up taking years to achieve their manifestations... and during this process, most give up along the way.  

If you are someone wanting to advance and grow beyond these limitations,

Then this 3-Day Challenge has been carefully crafted for you!

Building only your strength is NOT ENOUGH. Which is why, in these 3-Days, we will learn how to:

1. Remove negative thoughts and unwanted energies
2. Learn guided meditations to remove stress and build positive energies
3. Raise Your Vibrational Frequency
4. Presence of Mind and Connection to the Universe
5. Align Chakra points and remove blockages for ultimate manifestation powers 

BECAUSE: Energy alignment is the most fundamental to both our physical and metaphysical manifestations. 

Along with the energy work, in these 3 days, you will also experience:

 Increased Flexibility and Improved Blood Circulation

 Enhanced Connection of your Mind, Body and Spirit

 More Strength, Stamina and Stability in both your Mind and Body

 More Relaxed and Balanced System leaving you feeling empowered and energised even on an unfavourable day 

 Improvement in the overall well-being of your body through stress removal and through building the core muscles and the systems inside 


Spiritual Master, International Speaker, Influencer, Best Selling Author and Humanitarian

Master Sri Akarshana also known as the Yogi with a Lamborghini is an international celebrity in the world of Law of Attraction and Spirituality. Over the years his work has reached out to over 47 million people globally through all social media platforms and live events.

Master shares a unique message of combining the physical with the metaphysical to achieve results in life. He believes that we are spiritual beings in a physical and material world and therefore life should be experienced to the fullest, both spiritually and physically to live an abundance of wealth and happiness.

In 2019 Master received the honorable title as spiritual master issued to him by Grandmaster Akshar, a Himalayan yogi that has millions of students around the world. After receiving mystical powers and training with Grandmaster Akshar, the name Master Sri Akarshana was given to him from the blessings of the Himalayan mountains.

Today Master chairs his organisation Iamverse - a platform which provides millions of students around the world with powerful knowledge and trainings on Success Mindset, Wealth Creation, Law of Attraction and Spirituality.

Himalayan Yogini & International Speaker

Having gone through intense training up in the Himalayan Mountain with her Masters, she follows the pursuit of becoming her best version through continuously learning from Spiritual Leaders, Influencers and her Masters. Her experience as an International Relations Specialist and Latin America studies has helped the I Am Creator Team with connecting creators from around the world. 

Angela goes beyond call of duties to help her people locally and globally. She is dedicated, knowledgeable, and committed to help everyone that crosses her path. Her devotion and passion for the I Am Creator Company has taken her to expand her network to touch more lives.

She believes that to really connect with one higher self, they must first work on building their capacity through physical yoga practice. Through experiencing higher conscious and going deep into spirituality, not only has this taken her outside of her comfort zone but in doing so has found inner peace and unbelieveable strength. 

Angela has helped over thousands of people around the world by sharing her knowledge of Law of Attraction and Spirituality. Her Goal in this lifetime is to create impact and helping people believe they too can become the creator of their dreams.


 What are the dates for the 3-Day Yoga and Manifestation Challenge? 

 November 1st to 3rd, LIVE Online through Zoom Calls

 What are the times for the 3-Day Yoga and Manifestation Challenge? 

Daily at 6PM Dubai Time | 3PM UK Time | 7:30PM IST

  Where will the challenge be hosted?

 Online, the details will be sent via email once you've secured your spot

   Can anyone attend this event?

 Yes, the challenge is open to everyone and if you want to manifest like a beast this year then this LIVE Online Challenge is for you!

   What if I have a question not on this list?

 We're here to help, and want you to be 100% with your commitment. Simply email any question to 2020 - All Rights Reserved.