Next Satsang on 05 FEBRUARY 2023
 06:00 PM Dubai Time 

“All truth is already there and when the seeker is ready, divine guidance is received.. Satsang allows for our energies to open up in love, positivity and unity.”
- Master Sri Akarshana

These nights are a powerful time for meditation for all seekers as energies are in perfect flow for manifestation. 

Master Sri Akarshana will be sharing his energies on a  monthly Satsang, holding the space for seekers and creators across the globe to share mystical knowledge.

This Satsang is a great opportunity to go deeper into your spiritual journey. 


Understand multiple dimensions from the mystical knowledge of the Himalayas 

Receive answers for your curious questions

Go deep into third eye meditation with a Spiritual Master 


3 tips to make the most out this experience 
  • The quality of your Questions  determines the quality of your Answers ... come prepared with powerful questions as you will have the opportunity to ask ANY question to Master Sri Akarshana about life, spirituality, yoga for manifestation & law of attraction.
  • ​Prepare yourself to be fully present in this Powerful Space  by clearing all distractions, make sure you keep your phone in silence. 
  • ​Your Vibe is your Tribe, invite friends and family to share and create this powerful space from the comfort of your Home.

Next Satsang on 05 FEBRUARY 2023
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